This is the fifth post of my series about our customized 7-day Huayhuash tour from Llámac to Cajatambo. To be able to really go into detail I want to dedicate an individual blog post to each trekking day so that this post describes the hike from Carhuacocha to Huayhuash. In my series, I want to take you with me on this journey alongside the Northern and Eastern flank of the Huayhuash circuit. To get some general information about the Huayhuash Mountain Range, check this post.


A cloudless day

The day started completely cloudless. It was certainly the most impressive sunrise of our trek and, due to the stunning location, I would also consider it one of my favorite all-time sunrises. We highly appreciated the good weather after so many rainy days. Around 7 am we departed in direction of the Huayhuash camp. We could hardly believe that there was still no cloud in sight. 25 Soles are due when entering the next community opposite Laguna Carhuacocha. This is the second camp directly at the waterside of the lagoon as I described in my previous article.


Does not have to hide behind Patagonia

Although we do know the Alps quite well and we also had visited many parts of Patagonia the previous year, this stage of the trek did surpass all my expectations. At the beginning, the path continues up and down alongside the lagoon. It then turns south, passing two traditional huts (in the best prime location imaginable!), walking within close proximity to the massive glaciers of the Eastern flank. Undoubtedly, this part of the Huayhuash circuit does not have to hide behind Patagonia.



A pearl of the Huayhuash circuit

We soon reached the first lagoon. We left our backpacks below the hill and climbed it in order to get a view of the turquoise lake. Although the location is impressively beautiful, taking a beautiful photograph is not an easy task as one is standing very close to the lake as well as to the enormous mountain face. Shortly thereafter, we continued the way that is now getting steeper. It does not get very steep but continues in a constant incline up to the mountain pass. One lagoon after another appears visible and the landscape really motivates to stay strong. In view of many glaciers, spectacular 6000m high summits and three lagoons whose colors differ between green and cyan one reaches an absolutely stunning viewpoint on 4550m. Although this is one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever been to, no image I took of this location is able to reflect the sensations I had when I actually was there. It is hardly possible to capture all glaciers in one image, but if you do so by making use of a panorama, the image would definitely not include other sensual perceptions: The plays of light and shadow, the sound of a calving glacier (sometimes I mistook a glacier with an airplane), the joy and happiness after lots of exertion and unfavorable weather conditions.


Mountain pass on 4830m

After the viewpoint the path continues uphill and about 45 minutes later one reaches the mountain pass on 4830m. The landscape there appears surreal and the quantity of Nevados observable cannot be captured by any camera. The path then descends towards camp Huayhuash. We passed another lagoon that resulted hard to appreciate after so many impressions shortly before. After an exhausting hike we reached camp Huayhuash on 4350m around 3.30 pm (20 Soles). Although some clouds rolled in before we had reached the viewpoint the weather remained stable until the early evening. The toilets next to the entrance are pretty okay. At 6 pm it started to rain for the first time.

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