This is the fourth post of my series about our customized 7-day Huayhuash tour from Llámac to Cajatambo. To be able to really go into detail I want to dedicate an individual blog post to each trekking day so that this post describes the hike from Mitucocha to Carhuacocha. In my series, I want to take you with me on this journey alongside the Northern and Eastern flank of the Huayhuash circuit. To get some general information about the Huayhuash Mountain Range, check this post.


Laguna Mitucocha and Circuito Alpino

Just as the previous days we departed at 7 am in direction of Laguna Mitucocha (unlike shown in many maps, Laguna Mitucocha is not Camp Mitucocha so that camping at the lagoon will be fined by the local community). The view to the mountain range in the morning was breathtaking and it luckily remained stable to see the great colors of the lagoon about 40 minutes later. In theory, there is a small path, called Circuito Alpino, that leads from Laguna Mitucocha to Laguna Carhuacocha. We were looking around, using a map and GPS, but we were just not able to find it. Later in camp Carhuacocha we met a Czech girl that told us about the Circuito Alpino. Apparently, it is very difficult to find. Carrying a heavy backpack and without using a GPS I would definitely advise against trying.


Donkey Trail to Laguna Carhuacocha

Instead, we finally followed the ‘Donkey Trail’. Day 4 resulted the most relaxing day of all: One has to follow the path gently uphill and slightly downhill. The landscape was very green and already around 12.30 pm we reached the camp at Laguna Carhuacocha. Actually there are two camps. The first one is located directly behind some picturesque mountain huts that are inhabited by a local family. They also checked the entrance voucher we had paid the day before. The second one is located right on the waterside. Although the toilets are in miserable conditions, these two camps are the most beautiful of the Huayhuash trek we did. They just offer an unbelievable view to the mountain range located behind Laguna Carhuacocha. Around midday the rain had started to fall again, but this time we were already relaxing in our tent. Thus, day 4 resulted to be the first and only day without using our rain ponchos. Next to us there was now also a group of 8 people (+ guide + muleteers + donkeys + horses). For the entire circuit they paid just 460 Soles each + community fees and they do not have to carry their heavy backpacks. The decision about whether or not doing the trek with an agency is obviously up to you. If you are experienced in trekking and hiking you will probably enjoy it more on your own.


An amazing sunset

The afternoon we relaxed alongside the waterfront of the lagoon, where I found many great photo spots (ideal for sunrise and night photography). I was still holding back my expectations because I counted on another rain shower during sunset. Luckily, this was not the case. I was incredibly happy being able to shoot one of the most stunning sunsets I have ever witnessed. Shortly afterwards, we also tested the lagoon for some night photography.



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