What is it about?

I love to spend as much time as possible outdoors – no matter if it’s hiking, ski touring, mountainbiking or mountaineering – I think it’s just great to go out and to enjoy nature. All’Aperto shares this outdoor feeling with you.


The project comprises shots from outdoor activities as well as classical landscape photography. The ongoing blog supports the general idea of the project. It can be divided into three categories: Environment, Outdoor Life and Photography.


Being out there one experiences the beauty and the fragility of our planet at the same time. All’Aperto shall contribute to a greater environmental conciousness. In doing so, the project will show both the beauty of the world and the possibilities of enjoying the outdoors.


Explore the All’Aperto project page to read more about the project’s general idea. On the blog you will find even more pictures, as well as articles about environmental issues, Outdoor Life and Photography. To see the latest pictures follow me on  and .

All’Aperto = In the open

The Alps is definitely an awesome place to explore, but enjoying nature and the outdoors is possible everywhere. Every part of the world has its own beauty!

The project logo is inspired by Serles, a mountain of the Stubai Alps. It is one of Innsbruck’s local mountains and definitely a classic mountain hike in the area. Thanks to Tomas Carballido for designing me the project logo.

As every part of the world has its own beauty All’Aperto includes more than the Alps. Due to my affinity for Latin America, you will find many pictures from there on my website as well. No matter where, the motto is: All’Aperto = in the open air.

The Blog


The blog’s main topic is the environment. On one hand I try to write about some basic issues like the difference between weather and climate or the sense and non-sense of carbon offsetting. On the other hand, I want to create a link between my own pictures and the story behind them, like in my article about the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Outdoor Life

Regarding Outdoor Life I mostly focus on general topics, like I did in my article about Altitude Sickness. Moreover, you will find information about recommendable hiking tours in different parts of the world as well as some basics about the necessary equipment.


The last category covers some photography topics. I won’t write a complete beginners‘ tutorial, but rather write about issues like how to shoot the Milky Way, or general tips for travel photography.



Outdoor Experience

See more?

Here is a small preview of my outdoor and landscape work. Follow the All’Aperto project on and  to see my latest pictures.


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