I’m already preparing my next trip and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my most important travel tips with you. I divided this blog post in two parts, so here are my first 5 photography tips every travel photographer should knowClick here to read the second part.


1. Travel Slowly

No matter if you’re traveling to countries far away or if you travel in your own country. Take your time! On one hand, it will allow you to better interact with locals. On the other hand, you will be able to check out places more than once. Additionally, the most known places are often not the most exciting ones. So stop this one or two day hopping world trip. Why not stay in the same region for a month or even more? You will totally immerse in a new culture and definitely bring back better pictures.


2. Find your Location

It’s always better to have an idea what to take pictures of in advance. So do your research! It has never been easier than today. I usually find my locations using blogs or photography websites like 500.px. There are so many pages presenting incredible photography spots. Make use of it!


3. Know your gear before your trip

This might sound kind of self-explanatory, but it definitely is not! Many people buy a new camera or a new lens or a new remote control (etc.) for a trip. It’s always better to get it at least a month – the more the better – in advance. You have to know your gear perfectly. While traveling, there are so many great moments flashing by and you do not want to waste your time looking how to change the ISO, aperture or shutter speed in the place…


4. Tape up your gear

No matter if you have an insurance or not. It would be a disaster to lose your camera on vacation. As you can see in the picture, I’ve taped up all the logos on my camera and on the camera strap. Moreover, I randomly put some package tape on camera and lenses in order to make it look less expensive.



5. Get up early

While all the other tourists are still asleep, there are the best photo opportunities. Check the time for sunrise and sunset in advance. Be there, before the tourist masses arrive. Leave, when all the tourist masses have already left the place. Like in the photo above, you’ll have better light and you’ll be able to enjoy the place all alone.