It’s Christmas again. If you’re still looking for a movie or series for your holidays, you’ll hopefully find here what you’re looking for. In this short blog entry I want to present you my 5 favorite photography movies for your free days. Particularly the first one presented might also be a movie to watch with your family.


The Salt of the Earth

The Salt of the Earth is not only my favorite photography movie, it is even my all-time favorite movie. You probably already know the brazilian social-documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado, or at least his images. The Salt of the Earth is an awakening and inspiring documentary about Salgado’s life, co-produced by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, and his work in many different parts of the world. His life, his work and his images are absolutely impressive. Thus, the movie The Salt of the Earth is more than worth watching.


Tales by light

Tales by light is a documentary series about different photographers who travel around the world. It is a co-production of National Geographic and Canon and aims at presenting the story behind the images of famous photographers like Art Wolfe, Peter Eastway and Stephen Dupont. At the moment you can find the first two seasons on Netflix.


War Photographer

War Photographer is a documentary portray of the famous war photographer James Nachtwey. The film director Christian Frei accompanies him to places of his work, he interviews friends and familiars and makes Nachtwey reflect his work. Nachtwey appears to be a very sensitive man that not only loves his work, but also suffers from it. The movie also includes a reflection of the world we live in and pleads for deep changes.


City of God

The movie City of God is based on a true story, oriented towards Paulo Lins eponymous novel. It is about violence and gang wars in the poor favelas of Rio de Janeiro. In the photographic laboratory of an editorial department the young guy Buscapé develops his private images. By mistake, his very close captures of a leader called Locke are printed. It is the chance of his lifetime: be photographer for a newspaper.


Bang Bang Club

Bang Bang Club is an action movie produced in Canada and South Africa. It may be produced a bit too sensational, but still is an interesting source to find out more about the famous Bang Bang Club. It is about some photographers who met in South Africa at the beginning of the 1990s to photographically  document the times of Apartheid. Bang Bang Club may sometimes be a bit too violent, but is still a photography movie well worth seeing.


Images Source

“Salt of the Earth” – by sirion – not retouched – CC BY-SA 2.0, Link