People who inspire me

Sebastião Salgado is Brazilian social documentary photographer. The documentary about his life and work, The Salt of the Earth, is a movie not only photographers should watch. More information about his work and the books you can get on the website of the press agency Amazonas images.

The American photographer Steve McCurry is an incredible photographer and photo-journalist. He became famous with his work on the Afghanistan conflict in the 1980s. I have rarely seen such intense portraits as those by Steve McCurry.

Learn about Photography

Depending on what kind of photography you are trying to get deeper into, there are tons of free learning resources on the internet. Regarding all types of photography I like the free and detailed lessons of B&H Event Space, regarding timelapse photography I can highly recommend the website and youtube channel of Gunther Wegner (German), Finally, Thomas Heaton has a nice channel about outdoor and landscape photography.

Projects I follow


My Work Group Development Studies and Sustainability Research at the Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck, informs about all activities on the AGEF-Blog.


Movimiento Argentino de Fotógrafos Independientes Autoconvocados. M.A.F.I.A. is a photographers’ collective at the interface between reportage, journalism and quality photography.


Projekt Stil

Projekt Stil is a young design label from Braunschweig. On the website you can buy individual prints and postcards as well as other handmade articles. Recently, they have opened a small and beautiful shop in Kasernenstraße 20, 38106 Braunschweig, which is absolutely worth a visit.


Martin is not only a good friend, he is also a great musician. Under the name of Kroner, he has already launched several albums. Moreover, we have cooperated for the music video of his song Irgendwo im Flug. It’s definitely worth to check out his website as well as his latest album Hier.


Felix and Steffi live in Innsbruck and are both passionate outdoor athletes. On their blog they write about mountain climbing, trips around Innsbruck as well as about their travels and adventures.

Roman Manuel Schöggl

On his website, the austrian architect Roman Schöggl presents his work: Besides his architectural portfolio one can browse through his academic publications as well as through some information about the projects he has taken part in so far. By the way, his photo gallery is also worth a visit.

Another Lovely

Alyssa has a passion for fashion, interior design and food. Next to those topics you will find articles about beauty, fitness, lifestyle as well as about her hometown Braunschweig on her blog.



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